Securities Finance

We provide financial services to support securities investors
Veltinis International Group provides deposit products that
allow investors to enjoy both a high interest rate.
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Our mission are stabilizing and developing the
capital market, creating value for brokers, maximizing User profit.
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As a partner in realizing investment success, Veltinis International Group helps revitalizing the market.
Contributes to the activation and stable development of the securities market.
Veltinis International Group has professional crew to protect and support all brokers in company.

Our Products

We provide financial services to support securities brokers and Veltinis International Group more focus on stabilize the profit of brokers. Beside, Veltinis International Group has many professional crew to support and improve the financial market.

Categories of Financial Products

Years of experience
Core Business of Veltinis International Group are provide Loan, Deposits,
Investors' Deposits Management, Custody Services,
Veltinis International Group Support Services and SBL Intermediation.
Individual Customers

Velnitis International Group provides deposit products that allow investors to enjoy both a high interest rate.

Corporate Customers

Velnitis International Group helps customers manage their wealth by providing them with long-term low-interest loans.

Institutionl customers

As a professional provider of funds and various services needed for the issuance, distribution.

Veltinis International Group Members

As the sole custodian for Veltinis securities, safely keeps and manages the treasury stocks that Veltinis members acquired.

Securities Finance Company

Securities industry
Veltinis International Group promotes the securities market and enhances its efficiency by specializing in providing the funds and services.
Investors' deposits management
By separately managing full amounts of investors' deposits that financial investment firms received from securities investors for their stock purchases.
Products for general Invetors
We help our investors manage their wealth by providing long-term low-interest loans.
As the sole custodian of Veltinis Securities, Veltinis International Group protect the benefit of all investors.

About Us


Our Company

Established in 2014 to support the securities industry, Velnitis International Group provides various financial services such as securities-backed loans and investors' deposits management to financial investment companies.
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Albert Muir

Albert's career began in the United States Navy. In His 6 years of distinguished service, he was part of an elite group that ran many daring missions. After the Military, Albert entered the profession of sales. Soon thereafter was named Sales Manager of a Colorado Prime office. 1 of 83 offices located in USA.
For many years thereafter was actively involved in developing his own real estate properties. Upon the real estate crash of 2007 and 2008.
Joined Melaleuca in 2007 and in 2009 won the prestigious President Clubs Award. Top 15 out of 1 million.
Joined Qivana in 2011. Albert was the Top volume producer in USA for 3 consecutive years. Was chosen to be a Certified Master Trainer, and was published in several books and magazines. Because of Albert Muir Talent , Veltinis International Group has invited Albert Muir to become the CEO. Veltinis International Group is a Securities Finance company that was develop by dozen professional finance marketing.



  • Separate Deposit System
    We protect our
    valuable customers
    and their assets
  • Investors' Deposits Management
    Investors’ deposits for securities trading in trust and investors’ deposits for derivatives trading in trust.
  • Trust Management Committee
    Deliberates and votes on
    important matters related to
    trust management.
  • Related Laws
    Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act, Article 74, paragraphs ① through ⑧
  • Custody
    Veltinis International Group will
    fulfill its
  • Custody Services
    Veltinis International Group has a
    unique way of safekeeping
    and managing assets.
  • SBL Intermediation
    Based on the confidence of the market, Veltinis International Group contributes to the vitalization of the SBL market.
  • Eligible Participants
    and Securities
  • SBL Proocess Flowchart
    Return of Securities
  • Collateral and Fees
    Collateral Provision
    and Management, Fee
    and Handling of Rights
  • Domestic Institutions
    Related Institutions
    Financial Associations
  • Foreign Institutions
    Securities Finance
    Companies and
    Veltinis-Related Institutions


    “We are very happy to have Veltinis International Group as our trustworthy partner. We have already recommended Veltinis International Group to thousands of our existing customers who are happy and satisfied with their excellent services and products.”
    James Mike


    “I highly recommend Veltinis International Group. Very responsive, receptive, and most importantly professional. Great Job and very satisfied.”
    John Doe


    "Provider was professional, timely, and responsive to our desires.
    We look forward to continue to work with you."
    Nicken Michelle